Do you often feel tired and worn out? Is your body trying to tell you something?

Do you often feel tired, worn out, stressed out and in pain?

Do you get the feeling that your body is trying to tell you something. 

Hi, Dr. Yu here.

I want to talk to you today about why you should seriously consider taking

supplements. Odds are you are deficient in some vital nutrients, which is not

surprising given all the stresses and demands of everyday life. Most of us are so

busy dealing with work and family that we tend to forget about our own needs and

many times this leads to illnesses related to painful inflammation in the body.


We may even skip meals because we are too busy. Another bad habit lots of us

have is to grab fast food instead of eating regular, healthy meals. The issue here

is that such fast food is usually is loaded with empty calories, harmful fat and

loads of sugar, all of which can actually predispose you to inflammation.

We may also skip meals on purpose because we are overweight and trying to

lose weight. We may even go on a crash diet if we are trying to lose some of our

excess weight, but this can be very dangerous. You can end up developing

painful conditions due to not getting the nutrients you need to stay healthy. modern fast food diet

 A major problem I have also noticed is that many people do not have enough

information or understanding of diet and about what their bodies need to remain

in good health, and how to avoid or reduce these harmful inflammatory

responses1. Inflammation is a natural response of the body’s immune system, but

the problem is that this can be done to excess, when the body is out of balance.

Poor eating habits and many of the bad habits we have discussed can then cause

this imbalance leading eventually to excess inflammation and illness.

Even if you do have some idea of what is good for you, you may for one reason or

another still not be getting the nutrition that you really need. What this all means is

that your body can easily lose out and not get the necessary nourishment needed

to maintain optimal health, and of course this then makes you prone to illnesses

which have a strong inflammatory component.


It also becomes more difficult as we grow older and our bodies accumulate the

effects of stress and lifestyle over time. As we age we are more prone to many

types of chronic diseases2 including cancer and various inflammatory joint

problems such as arthritis. Other diseases also become more likely as we age,

including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, which can be deadly.  Many

of these illnesses have an inflammatory component, for instance, even

atherosclerosis is linked to inflammation in the blood vessels associated with


Besides aging, we are also increasingly exposed to pollutants in the environment.

Air pollution alone can make people sick3, and added to that is the number of

toxic chemicals found in household chemicals. Such chemicals pose a threat to

your health and lead to toxins that could be building up in your body.  The

combination of exposure to pollutants, genetics, poor lifestyle choices, and aging

can all increase our risk of disease and our risks of excess inflammation in the


Then when we do become ill our doctors prescribe medicine, but really I wonder how effective these medications are. It is a concern to me that so much of medicine is about profit and thus one has to worry if profit may be more important than really finding the best treatment for some medical conditions. 

Besides, many medications that have been approved and on the market today still have many harmful side effects, even some of the pain killers can be dangerous, causing liver damage or even stomach bleeding in certain cases. Side effects of medications can be unpleasant and dangerous. People with inflammation also often become dependent on narcotics which then cease to be effective at the usual therapeutic dose. 

Medication may also cause problems because they can sometimes result in imbalances in the substances that your body needs, for instance it can disturb the good bacteria in your gut and even cause you to lose certain important nutrients4,5. Microbes help stop inflammation in the gut, so taking medications often disrupts the microbes and can lead to inflammatory conditions as well and can cause gut hyperpermeability in which the intestinal lining lets too many harmful substances through.

So what is the solution?

These problems I see with people not knowing enough about how to prevent and

treat inflammatory problems, the effects of lifestyle and environment, and issues

caused by modern medicine have led me to investigate alternative treatments and

supplements that could help people maintain health and avoid this issue of

increased inflammation and illness. Unfortunately, many doctors tend to ignore

the value of such alternative treatments based on Chinese medicine and

Ayurvedic medicine, when these offer options that can be very helpful in

preventing illness and even treating some medical conditions. 

It is a fact that often people are missing key elements in their diet because of a

fast-paced lifestyle and possibly due to not knowing which nutrients matter. This

can all lead to too much pain and inflammation in the body over time. What I have

also discovered is that research has shown that malnutrition is a key factor in

health care6,7 with many people at risk of developing illnesses because of lacking


the crucial nutrients necessary for optimal health. Then when they become ill, the

medicine they are given may not be that helpful.

The answer I believe is to find a way to supplement your diet with multivitamins

and beneficial herbs based on Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.

Vitamins are a significant part of staying healthy and studies have demonstrated

the importance of vitamins and how these micronutrients may also be helpful for

individuals who are ill8 , but often vitamins alone are not enough especially when

it comes to regulating the immune system, which is what  produces the


inflammatory response. You should really look for a supplement that has herbs

and extra ingredients that can help you both reduce the odds of inflammation and

treat any inflammatory problems you may develop, thus you need substances that

help control the immune system.

Supplements may be just the thing you need, but you need to carefully think

about what you need and what nutrients you are lacking in your diet. Added to

this is any possible inflammation-related medical problems you may have which

could be helped by certain natural substances found in some supplements. A

supplement should work to help you feel better and should not be a waste of


You need to look for a supplement that contains many different nutrients including

such things as fruit and vegetable extracts, trace minerals, enzymes, therapeutic

probiotics, and herbs. Many of the herbs are adaptogenic and have anti-

inflammatory abilities and thus can help with painful problems, and the other

substances often help by having antioxidant abilities and helping you digest your

food and keep your gut healthy. These various substances can work together in

combination to help you reduce inflammatory conditions and help you get back

the natural balance in your body. 

In the next article, we will discuss some main tips and ideas to take into account

when you are selecting a supplement that can help with inflammation - so stay

tuned to learn more.