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Top 10 Adaptogns

In this blog I willdiscuss the top 10 adaptogens that can help you to cope with the physical demands placed on your body because of stress and I will discuss how these herbs can help you to cope with painful, inflammatory conditions. Ashwagandha This herb has been used in Indian medicine for thousands of years and it has many benefits, one of which is helping the immune system, which in turn helps to protect your body when you are stressed2.  This adaptogen also helps decrease the levels of cortisol being produced by your adrenal glands which means less of a stress response and less chance of harmful inflammation happening.  Holy Basil Holy basil is known to be a very strong...

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Stress and inflammation

Do you often feel stressed out and overwhelmed?  Do you know what sort of supplements can help you to cope with stress and inflammation? Hi, it’s Dr. Yu again. Today I want to spend some time talking to you about stress, inflammation, and what herbs can help you with this. The reality is that most everybody deals with stress at some stage in their lifetime. Some of us have very stressful jobs on top of dealing with family obligations and raising children, which all takes a toll on our health. The problem with stress is that it drains us physically and psychologically and has  harmful effects on the human body because it affects the immune system badly. Stress leads to...

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How Ayurvedic medicine and adaptogens can help you

Have you heard of ayurvedic medicine and adaptogens and wondered what these are? Do you wonder why most multivitamin supplements are not good enough?   Hi, Dr.Yu here again. You may have used multivitamin supplements in the past when you have felt like you needed a boost or when you were recovering from illness. Most people, though, will simply choose a multivitamin without really looking carefully at the ingredients. After all you probably assume that all of these supplements are pretty much the same and would have the same impact on your body, so it would make no difference what you choose to buy.   The reality, though, is that what I have discovered is that multivitamins alone are usually...

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