# 1 Underlying cause of arthritis:

You can never save a house without putting out the fire first

Target the root cause first!!

  • Pain

    Pain is a body's alarm system. It is alerting us when our joints are out of cushion.

  • Inflammation

    Chronic inflammation is constantly attacking our cartilage (cushion) 

  • Our initial treatment approach

    Using pain meds is just like turning off the alarm without fixing the problem. Our top priority should always always always be reducing inflammation in order to stop further attack.

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Max Anti-inflammation Bundle

Max Anti-inflammation Bundle

  • Definition of arthritis: Painful inflammation and swelling of joints.
  • Still battling your arthritis with pain meds? Did the pain come right back when you forgot to take the meds on time?
  • The sensation of pain is just an alarm system that is alerting you something is wrong.
  • In order to fix arthritis, you need to target the right underlying cause: Inflammation and damage connective tissues.
  • Our Best maximum anti-inflammation Bundle!! Most people can feel the benefits within 1-2 weeks.
  • Deflame Curcumin:95% Curcumin+Bioperine+Quercetin+Resveratrol
  • EFA Joint Omega: EPA, DHA, CLA, GLA, ALA, Vitamin E
  • PCD Jointflex: Perna canaliculus, DMG, MSM, Glucosamine, manganese
  • Start treating the root cause of arthritis and get your pain-free life back soon!