4th Gen Lumbar Support Cushion-Yuregen
4th Gen Lumbar Support Cushion-Yuregen

4th Gen Lumbar Support Cushion

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Are you suffering from a stiff and sore back?

Is your back prone to muscular spasm?

Say bye to the problems with The 4TH GEN LUMBAR SUPPORT CUSHION, a solution to back pain once and for all!

Lumbar Support Cushion effortlessly supports every part of your spine to keep a perfect posture for 8 hours

What does Lumber Support Cushion do?

  • Our lower back carries a heavy load as you move throughout the day. Sitting on a chair or couch cannot subside that fatigue. That’s why you feel uncomfortable and muscles start aching.
  • You will get comfort when you sit with our customized cushion made of luxurious memory foam to keep your spine’s curvature perfect.
  • Acupuncture and inclined back cushion offer sensational lumbar support with its soft fabric for unmatched comfort.

Who can use this cushion?

This product is amazing for people who feel their back stiffed, fatigued. It is useful for

  • Office working people
  • Pregnant women
  • Children 
  • Long route drivers
  • Old aged people
  • Gamers 
  • People who sit for more than 8 hours

Why prefer YureGen’s Lumbar Support Cushion?

YureGen always think of your better health so Lumber Support Cushion is designed with

  • Exceptional support
  • High calibre memory foam
  • Acupuncture capabilities
  • Natural spine curvature

Stop living in discomfort while your body deserves wellness!

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