Orthopedic Therapy Pillow-Yuregen
Orthopedic Therapy Pillow-Yuregen

Orthopedic Therapy Pillow

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Do you wake up in the morning with a stiff neck?

Are you dreaming of peaceful sleep all night?

Here YureGen designed an Orthopaedic Therapy Pillow that provides prime support for the sore and stiff neck.

A healthy neck always has a perfect forward curve. With conventional pillows, this curve deformed. Bad head position during sleep can easily break the curve that suppresses carotid arteries and halts oxygen supply and blood flow.

Orthopaedic Therapy Pillow is an irreplaceable neck pillow that lasts for ages. Its durable design and quality cushioning make it an ideal selection for neck and pain sufferers.

Why is neck pain harmful?

Simply, an untreated neck pain eventually results in

  • Insomnia 
  • Migraine
  • Eye-strain
  • Shoulder and back pain
  • Pinched nerves
  • Memory loss
  • Bad mood
  • Headache 
  • Unable to move neck

How is Orthopaedic Therapy Pillow different from a conventional pillow?

This pillow works wonders. Its qualities make it far better than your conventional pillow. 

  • It supports a perfect neck position.
  • Magnetic beads keep lower neck stretched to keep tendons oxygenated.
  • It regulates the blood circulation toward neck muscles.

Why Orthopaedic Pillow by YureGen?

  • High rise side support
  • Perfect for side sleepers, keep the spine straight.
    • Headrest slot
      • Firm support to your head weight towards the neck.
  • Magnetic neck support
    • Magnetic beads ensure proper flow of oxygen and blood.

    Quit pain, choose Orthopaedic Therapy Pillow that suits your body and budget!


    Have a happy sleep!

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