Yu-move®Knee support Yuregen
Yu-move®Knee support Yuregen
Yu-move®Knee support Yuregen
Yu-move®Knee support Yuregen
Yu-move®Knee support Yuregen

Yu-move®Knee support

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  • 🚴what is Easiest way to stay away from diabetes, cholesterol and obesity? Exercise!! 🏋️‍♂️Don't let you knee pain stop you!!

  • 90% of knee pain are due to inflammation and depletion of collagen and cartilage.

  • 📃Glucosamin+Chondroitin is the proven effective formula that helps with lubrication and support cartilage health. 99% of knee pain supplements use these 2 ingredients.

  • On top of Glucosamin+Chondroitin, Yu-Move® also add ultra anti-inflammatory herbs (Turmeric, Quercetin, MSM,Bromelain)🥬, pain relief(Boswellia)🥑 and essential building component of collagen(Methionine)🌶 to make the formula even more effective.

  • The benefits of this formula: 🚀🚀Joint lubrication, cartilage rebuild, strong anti-inflammation, pain/swelling relief and collagen replenish

  • 🏝Don't let your knee stop you from doing things you love. Travel the world and stay connected with the world

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Go everywhere you want to go!!

Moving is what keep us alive!!

How do we stay healthy? How to avoid diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and blood pressure? The #1 answer to those, is exercise.
Exercise is just so important for us that I can tell you that WE NEED TO BE ACTIVE TO STAY ALIVE!
But here comes the 2nd question. Do you have a pair of healthy knees to carry you around? Do you have knee pain that can deter you from exercising or even just walking?

#1 reason for knee pain: Inflammation!

In medical term, the word end in -tis means it is a type inflammation, such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis, bursitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Most people think that knee pain are from the bones but actually 80% of knee pain comes from fluid buildup and cartilage, tendon inflammation.
So, in order help with knee pain, we need to target inflammation, lubrication and nourishing the joints but not your bones.

Introducing Yu-move® Knee support

Nourishing, replenishing, lubricating, anti-inflammation all in one formula!

What makes Yu-Move® better ?

  • Glucosamin+Chondroitin:
Most popular combo in all joint supplements Natural components of cartilage. Support tissues, lubrication and improve cushioning.
But we want to make our formula better, so we added:
  • Turmeric, Bromelain, MSM, Quercetin:
Strong anti-inflammatory agents and anti-oxidants
  • Boswellia: Relieve pain and swelling
  • Methionine: Most essential component for collagen production

Be active is the first step to stay healthy!

We took what's effective on the market(Glucosamin+Chondroitin) and simply make it even better.

No more painful knees. Live your age; see what like,;do what you love with no more regret!!