Yuregen Earthing bed sheet - Yuregen
Yuregen Earthing bed sheet - Yuregen
Yuregen Earthing bed sheet - Yuregen

Yuregen Earthing Bed Sheet Queen size

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Waking up feeling tired and with no energy?

We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping which makes "sleep" a huge factor that determines our health. why don't we use that time to heal and recharge our body?

🏄Our planet, "Earth" is a giant battery that is full of energy. When you are in contact with it, the negative charges travel up from the Earth to your body, neutralize the free-radical in your body and therefore, reduces the inflammation, and related arthritis

👍Not only that, since the Earth is a giant battery, it recharges us by replenishing the energy, detoxifies our body and calms our nerves activity, so we can sleep deeper and wake up feeling totally refreshed. 

💥Most people that used it for more than 6 months have reported better sleep quality, deeper sleep, help reduce chronic arthritis and anxiety, better skin condition and waking up with more energy and better mood. 

😎Don't waste 1/3 of your life doing nothing when you can use it to recharge your body. 💯100% effortless way to have better sleep, reduced inflammation and energy boost. 

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The most natural way to trigger "Self-Heal"

Do you want a better, deeper and detox quality sleep??

We spend 1/3 of our life in bed or roughly 2920 hours yearly. One of the biggest causes for all the lifestyle diseases is lack of good quality sleep and sleep pattern change. Studies have shown that in 2019, there are more than 37% of population who are suffered from insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless leg.
Studies also have shown that lack of good quality sleep can have direct negative impact on most of the lifestyle diseases such has heart problem, diabetes, depression, hairloss and etc..

Benefits of good quality sleep

1. Sleep helps reduce depression and stress
2. sleep can improve memory
3. Sleep can lower blood pressure
4. Sleep improves immunity
5. Sleep reduce chronic inflammation
6. Sleep can help you lose weight
7. Sleep can reduce chance of diabetes
8. Sleep keeps your heart strong
9. Sleep is the most healthy pain killer
10. Sleep can reduce hairloss

Grounding therapy

Best way to detox and absorb natural earth energy

Introducing: Grounding therapy-Earthing

What is earthing?

Our Earth, is a giant battery which is constantly being recharged by all the light, fire and radiation. It provides huge and limitless energy to trigger our body's detoxification and healing process through physical contacting.
All animal and human used to walk on their barefoot to absorb the earth energy. With our modern lifestyle, we no longer have much chance to get in contact with earth and which therefore, we are much more likely to suffer from "lifestyle diseases"

There are 3 big benefits of Earthing

1. Energy: Studies have shown that through physical contact, the earth can provide us a type complex energy which can improve our immunity and support body healing.

2. Anti-inflammation: Chronic inflammation has gained lots of medical attention because it can directly increase our chance of getting lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and etc... Earthing has been shown to decrease body inflammation which leads to lower rate of lifestyle problems and improve sleep quality

3.Clear free radicals: Earth is a giant battery. Once in contact, it can transfer lots of negative ions to neutralize the positive-charged radicals in our body. In other words, "antioxidant"

What's the most effective and effortless way to receive earth energy?

Through sleep!! we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping and which is why we made the earthing bed sheet and pillow cover so you can effortlessly receive all the benefit through a simple sleep.
By simply plugging in the grounding wire and sleep on the silver thread and organic cotton made bed sheet, it will connect you to the ground recharge your body for the next 8 hours!

Do you want to have deeper sleep, wake up with better mood, fully recharged and also remove all the free radicals and decrease inflammation with 0 effort?

Try our Yuregen Earthing bed sheet and you will love it!!